GIS shell gas leakage occurred

Site Information•系统管理员•2016-04-27

GIS housing have tightness requirement, SF6 gas leakage in GIS rate is an important indicator of housing quality. After analysis, leaking SF6 gas is summed up in the following areas:

1) Weld leakage

Weld has two categories: one is the GIS tank welds; SF6 gas tank Another connection between the weld between the seat and its copper brass. ZF6 series combination of electrical uses a high-quality welding tanks, so this type of weld process and quality are satisfactory, generally leakage does not occur through such welds. The latter has been found to have very few leaks, repair welding after the elimination.

2) by a ring seal sealing surface

Carried out by the sealing gasket sealing surface can be divided into dynamic and static sealing surface sealing surface class 2.

Dynamic sealing surface according to the nature of the operation into rotational sliding sealing surface and the sealing surface. Rotating sealing surface situated disconnector and earthing switch drive crank arm for such gasket sealing surface of the rotation range of approximately 76 °, in order to strengthen the use of three O sealing gasket. Install leak from the scene point of view, the sealing effect is satisfactory, but with aging increase over time, the number of operations and the rubber sealing surfaces of such sealing situation needs attention, especially for the number of operations more washer disconnector or earthing switch on. Located on the sliding surface seals breaker manipulating lever, the sealing gasket cross-section of a "V", the sealing surface of the metal rod surface finish, "V" has a four-ring seal is quite reliable, easy to leakage occur .

Problems in the field of static sealing surface when installing leak discovered more static sealing surface leakage occurs there are two main reasons: the gasket sealing surface itself is flawed and bad combination.

3) gas sealing valve, pressure gauge, etc.

China-made GIS for safe and reliable operation is the biggest threat to the leakage of SF6 gas leaks occur through the gas shut-off valve bellows. Each chamber GIS by the gas cut-off valve is connected to the SF6 pressure gauge (density relays) and then connected to the gas chamber side gas shut-off valve. When a gas leak shut-off valve outside the gas chamber pressure gauge occur, close all the gas chamber side of the gas shut-off valve can be processed. When the air chamber and the gas side shut-off valve when leakage occurs, only the relevant chamber blackout recovered SF6 gas for processing. But the amount is quite large gas shut-off valve, gas shut-off valve to ensure a reliable seal is critical.

Summary: Ways GIS housing leakage mainly seam sealing surface and the sealing valve pressure gauge and so on.