GIS housing tightness check

Site Information•系统管理员•2016-04-27

GIS housing commonly used polyethylene plastic sheeting bandage measuring the accumulation of local law, but also with regular checks of SF6 pressure gauge to check the tightness as an auxiliary. Tightness accumulation time is generally more convenient to take 24h. Seal depends on the quality of welding tank, followed by ring manufacture, installation and adjustment situation. In accordance with the amount of compression O-ring (should be less than 20%) and roundness trimming, when cleaning the tank sealing surface of the seal groove, use fine sandpaper No. 600, edge flange can be used rasp, sandpaper grinding. After the tank processing use the pressure test to check the seal, the pressure to take 1.25 times the maximum pressure with SF6 with Freon gas mixture pressure sensitivity measuring instrument is 1 × 1011MPa · cm3 · S-1, when the test assembly SF6 gas leakage measurement sensitivity is required for 1 × 10 ^ 8.

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