Yibin intelligent GIS substation merit demonstration project

Site Information•系统管理员•2016-04-27
Recently, the State Grid Power Company in Sichuan Province Excellence demonstration project will promote the work was held in Yibin, the first 220 kV GIS substation marking intelligent Yibin is also one of the four projects to promote excellence demonstration project included in the national network, which advanced engineering the overall quality of the system construction attracted the expert group to visit the exchange.

"State Grid Corporation Transmission Excellence demonstration project" for the State Grid Corporation 110 (66) -220 (330) kilovolt power transmission project integrated quality management award, control and physical quality engineering project quality assessment process synthesis level, representing the current State Grid Corporation 110 (66) -220 (330) kilovolt power transmission project quality management advanced level. Involved in the appraisal work will not only help to enhance the quality level of the construction company Yibin, more conducive to the standardization process, enhance the quality of the construction process is important.

It is reported that South Stream Yibin 220 kV substation for the intelligent GIS substation, mainly a combination of circuit breakers, disconnectors, transformers, surge arresters and other high-voltage electrical appliances made, construction is using a more advanced domestic machinery Bored Piles technology, but also in Sichuan power system for the first time using this technology. The project has been completed 92% of civil works, electrical installation completed 60%, further follow-up work is being followed up. The substation put into operation, will solve the problem Yibin power grid structure and distribution network layer allowing Yibin grid "upgrade."