More than 220 kv GIS shell welding

Site Information•系统管理员•2016-04-25
220KV GIS housing material is generally above 5083 aluminum-magnesium alloy, the thickness of 8mm-12mm, welding technology requirements, the use of traditional TIG or MIG welding difficult to achieve, now part of the GIS housing manufacturers use variable polarity plasma welding made good results.

Relative TIG and MIG welding process, variable polarity plasma welding best advantage is:

1, do not open groove. If Shears straightness meet the requirements, you can not milling and pickling process;

Since the variable polarity plasma welding a strong ability to penetrate the workpiece 16 mm or less does not require beveling. Currently, we are in the domestic welding applications, aluminum 12 mm can once welding is completed, the process does not need to cover up. We are a 16 mm test weld to complete the process. If the shearing effect of the user can, butt gap is less than 10% of the thickness of the base material, then do not milling. Welding cutting edge after grinding through a wire brush, clean up after acetone can be soldered directly, eliminating the need pickling process.

2, single-sided welding, double-sided molding, deformation of the workpiece is significantly smaller;

Variable polarity plasma with high temperature, high-shaped plasma arc welding and plasma gas implementation, with respect to TIG and MIG welding process, welding of high energy density, small heat-affected zone, and thus the excess heat input welding small. Plus Emmett supporting clamp tooling, forced positioning of the workpiece at the same time, effectively lead away excess heat after welding, thus ensuring minimal deformation of the workpiece.

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