2015 Electrical equipment industry status quo ...

Site Information•系统管理员•2016-04-27
Generators, transformers, power lines, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment equipment collectively. Electrical equipment are composed of electrical equipment, power supply in two parts. Electrical equipment is generally divided into primary and secondary equipment, primary and secondary equipment must have high security and high stability.
With the development of infrastructure and energy into electricity, China's electrical equipment demand is increasing year by year, and the product upgrading faster, increase model, technical performance has been significantly improved, production equipment and processing technology has been significantly improved . Domestic brands with higher price than similar foreign products and service advantages, has been dominant in the domestic market competition.
Thus, the entire electrical equipment manufacturing industry, the possibility of large fluctuations is not already listed on the electrical equipment manufacturing company's share price will be in the long-term stable state.
Intelligent development trend of electrical equipment
In recent years, with the integration of the development of computer technology, data processing technology, sensor technology, information, communications and data storage technology, power electronics technology, etc. and various disciplines, intelligent electrical equipment gradually become an important trend in the development of the industry. Intelligent protective equipment throughout the transmission and distribution systems, control, monitoring, measurement, together, achieve distribution network automation, laid the foundation for wide-area monitoring and diagnostic systems, ensure that the power system is safe, reliable and economic operation.
Intelligent distribution network renovation, which greatly increases the electrical equipment, intelligent upgrading, currently in power at all levels in the country, with the grid infrastructure weakest. Due to insufficient investment in the distribution network, aging equipment and poor technical performance, more energy-intensive equipment, power consumption rate, the general regional distribution network loss at l5% ~ 20%, in some areas up to 30%, resulting in substantial waste of energy and the environment pollution, especially in rural power grid issue more prominent.
Market demand for electrical equipment for broad sets of electrical equipment is a major application is the electric power system control and protection, the power industry is a direct consumer industries electrical equipment, investment, and development of power industry a direct impact on market demand electrical equipment industry situation . In recent years, the Chinese government has increased the power grid investment in technological reform, especially Chengwanggaizao smart grid, electric power, the national network, rural power grids and urban development involved the electrical equipment manufacturing industry has played a positive role in promoting. In addition, with the accelerated process of industrialization, will also promote growth in demand for electrical equipment, in particular oil, petrochemical, metallurgical and other pillar industries.
Electrical equipment industry will maintain long-term stability
When the electrical equipment sector for long-term prediction, related businesses mainly affected by two factors. On the one hand is the economic environment. Electrical equipment enterprises affected by the economic environment a great impact, the economic situation is good, the social demand for electricity and other energy will grow, the demand for electrical equipment will be a corresponding increase, thereby expanding the electrical equipment business market. On the other hand, the electrical equipment manufacturing industry is policy-driven industries. Power is a social utility, by the relatively large impact of national policies, any policy change will have an impact on its guiding. At the same time, electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises is also closely related to the network planning.
In summary, the development of complete sets of equipment must meet the needs of social development, international competition equipment has started, we have to adjust the direction of good design and production of complete sets of equipment, intelligent equipment, the miniaturization and high security reliability, green is the inevitable trend of its development. The future, China's economy has maintained sustained and rapid growth of the world recognized that the electrical equipment industry is undoubtedly good news.