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Cabo will follow the principle of mutual benefit, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises and the public into the Cabo, Cabo understand

Our products have two series, is a series of special aluminum alloy castings, shell casting, casting the conductor, and large power stations, supporting the use of high-voltage switchgear substation, this product is still domestic high-end, sophisticated products; the other major series products are various American standard, European standard, GB and other brands of brass rods。

Service and support

Kebo has advanced processing equipment and fine distinctions of testing equipment, for product quality escort

The company has imported two-stage horizontal machining centers, automatic milling machine, automatic low pressure casting machine, refining furnace blower, Front pinhole detector, high-performance hardening furnace, aging furnace, spectrometer imported copper imports aluminum spectrometer, Front after the furnace chemistry analyzer, X-ray detector, vacuum leak detectors and other advanced processing equipment and testing equipment fine distinctions.

Quality goal
1. Product a test pass rate of more than 98%;
2. 100% customer satisfaction;
3. Products manufactured passing rate of 100%。



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